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Winter garden, or a way to relax every day, even when the weather is cold.

Nowadays, in the age of digital development and a constant pursuit of a career, money or other purposes, stress is an inseparable part of life or indeed the everyday reality of many people. It is not our ally, though – on the contrary, a long-lasting tension has a huge, negative impact on our body, and hence on the quality of our lives.

How to relieve tension and minimize stress?

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers born through living in a constant drive and stress. There are many ways to de-stress – some for playing sports, travelling or meeting friends. However, it is also advisable to consider the environment in which we live, and, to be precise, our home. It is at home that we usually spend the most time, so it is worth making sure that there is a place in it that our nerves can be soothed after a whole, often heavy, day. How to do it?

Winter garden

Who does not like to drink a cup of coffee or tea in his own garden? The fact is, however, that this pleasure ends with the arrival of colder days. It does not have to be that way. The proper managing of the garden area will allow us to create our own asylum, available at any time of the day, and more importantly, also of the year.

Year-round contact with nature at your home

It goes without saying that nothing soothes you after a long day, like contact with nature. In our geographical latitude, unfortunately, it is not possible to enjoy the beauty of vegetation throughout the year, because it is seasonal. As is known, at the end of autumn, when the trees lose all leaves, the landscape becomes gray, or, with some luck, snow-white. The sun is less intense and the days are shorter, which makes for the gloomy autumn-winter mood, of which so many people have been talking about, and which so many people have felt at least once.

We do have, however, a way to invite greenery inside in an attempt to be able to enjoy nature throughout the year. Such a possibility is given by the aforementioned winter garden. At this point most people use to conceive of a greenhouse or conservatory, with a warm, almost tropical climate and lush vegetation – we, however, offer a much better alternative, possible to create in your home and, moreover, at relatively low cost (compared to the mentioned before conservatory) .

Why actually the winter garden?

The reasons are numerous, starting with the improvement of well-being, through the beneficial effects of nature on our health, and ending with the joy that is provided by looking after the plants by ourselves. After all, let’s put it one by one:

  • the winter garden is much cheaper than the conservatory, which needs its own source of heat;
  • the garden is attached to the building (it is not a separate house), and thus, it takes up little space;
  • its maintenance is much cheaper in comparison with the conservatory;
  • it provides an amazing view, e.g. when separated from the living room by only a glazed door
  • no need to mention how it increases the value of a house?
The profits from having a winter garden

Spending time surrounded by nature, while at home, is the highest class comfort. No matter if you spend time alone or surrounded by family or friends, the garden is a wonderful springboard from the monotony and gray of the autumn and winter landscape. A slight move of your imagination and you can see the following picture: A calm Sunday morning in the winter garden, breakfast with rising sun light, and later in the evening a glass of wine accompanied by a good book … Nothing but silence, greenery and peace … do you need something more to gather a positive energy for a day or even a week of work? Certainly, you could visualize yourself in such a scenery, and we assure you that the garden can be arranged in such a way that it looks as fabulous as in a most beautiful fairy tale.

How to get a move on?

The winter garden constitutes also the building’s decorative element, undoubtedly imparting to it class and elegance, but also modern air or coziness, depending on the owner’s preferences and the style of the building. So how do you start to create such a garden? The best way is to hire professionals with experience in this type of construction. And most importantly, you should invest in it the best materials and solutions so that the garden can serve you and enjoy the eyes for years. We recommend thermally insulated Aliver 2000+ system, which proves efficient in winter gardens, mainly in single- and gable roofs, and Terassendach for roofing systems without thermal insulation, adapted to fillings made of cell polycarbonate, but also single or single-compartment glass. In a word, you will find with us everything you need to make your dream fairy-tale winter garden a reality. Your private escape from the world.

Did we awaken your interest? We invite you to get acquainted with the details of our offer regarding the winter gardens!