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Use of aluminium

Can light be stable and strong look intricate? Constructions using AL prove that indeed they can!

A silver discovery... ...at the price of gold. Although AL (Aluminium) is the third most common element on Earth, it was first isolated in 1825. For a time, aluminium was more expensive than pure gold. Today, AL alloy is the “golden mean” for the aerospace and automotive industries. For some time now, aluminium has also been “inspiring” architecture and construction. It is growing in popularity every year and is already being called the “material of the future”. This is due to the exceptional properties and unique technical advantages of this metal: lightness - aluminium is three times lighter than steel; strength; ductility and corrosion resistance. AL is not only a well-known abbreviation on the table of elements, it is above all a symbol of potential, ergonomics and creative thinking outside the box. Aluminium is great for supporting and developing the creative process. As a “design-friendly” raw material, it gives full scope for architects and design enthusiasts. It allows you to cross barriers...not just structural ones.

The advantages of silver raw material can be defined as 3xE: economic, ecological, esthetic.

The extraction of the “material of the future” consumes a relatively large amount of money and energy, but it is an investment that pays off in the long term - due to its 100% renewability and high resistance to wear. Aluminium is a key component of sustainable building and environmental concerns. Due to its recyclability, this metal is very often used in the erection of eco-houses.

Aluminium constructions, i.e. functionality without compromises and aesthetics without limits

Any shape, intriguing colour? “The material of the future” allows you to give the structure any form and almost any colour.

A is for adequacy

Manufacturing aluminium joinery (windows, doors, façades) is quite a complicated technological process. At Budmar, we welcome the challenge because of another aluminium phenomenon - adequacy. The ductility of this unique metal makes it possible to transfer almost any architect’s vision or client’s dream directly to the aluminium system. This is how aluminium is used to create constructions of great durability and load-bearing strength, which at the same time delight with their visual airiness and “lacy” structure. It is not steel, but AL that is one of the strongest materials today. Openwork vaults, large glazed areas and the effect of lightness on every inch of a building that actually “carries” large tonnages is not an invention. It is a fact - precisely by exploiting the potential of aluminium. The shapes of buildings, only a few decades ago considered abstract, today are pleasing to the eye. Commercial developments and single-family homes are becoming more sophisticated.

Joinery manufacturing can be divided into four key stages:


preparation of construction drawings, thermal and static calculations, acceptance of the project, pricing


aluminium profiles are cut by a saw using a modern cutting centre and then machined on a special cnc milling machine


bending corners, fitting fittings and assembling the complete joinery - these activities require special manual skills, knowledge and experience, therefore at Budmar we entrust them to the most qualified specialists


glass installation can take place on the factory floor or on the construction site, in both cases precision and safety are key

Futuristic in construction

Budmar aluminium joinery is a highly creative, innovative, safe and cost-effective solution.

“The material of the future” has inspired architects and building visionaries for decades, allowing them to play with colour, form, design.

For general contractors and investors - thanks to its durability - this metal is a guarantee of high quality and adequate return on investment.

For residents, it is synonymous with safety and stability. Environmental enthusiasts, on the other hand, appreciate its recyclable qualities.

Solutions with potential

Aluminum joinery is synonymous with:

  • lightness, plasticity and esthetics,
  • low weight, which allows for free-form development,
  • high strength and durability,
  • adequate stiffness of the sections,
  • resistance to creasing, mechanical damage and deformation (can survive in an unchanged state for many years),
  • resistance to changing weather conditions and corrosion (which is made possible by the use of special profile reinforcements, with components enriched with magnesium or silicon),
  • non-flammability (does not aggravate possible fire),
  • easiness in maintenance and cleaning (does not electrify, does not attract dust),
  • broad spectrum of applications (both in terms of building types and type or shape of windows),
  • possibility of using different colors
  • and decorative-protective coatings,
  • noticeable energy efficiency,
  • high environmental compatibility (recyclability and recyclability).

OBJECT-ively the best

With Budmar’s aluminium joinery, dedicated to facilities, beauty goes hand in hand with solidity. A sophisticated finish to a building - be it a skyscraper or a futuristic single-family house - is possible through the use of windows, doors and façades made of aluminium. It’s worth it to rise above the visual clichés and transcend architectural standards - especially if you have the solutions to do so.

Look how beautiful!

Let nothing limit your view of the bustling city skyline or the wall of dense forest that you can enjoy through the glass terrace. Glass façades give a unique lightness to the body of the building and affect its visual attractiveness. Thanks to the use of modern aluminium constructions (when viewed from the outside), it is impossible to distinguish between fixed and opening elements.

A glass façade “invites in” the beauty of the landscape and perfectly illuminates the interior, which is why it is so eagerly proposed by architects and so enthusiastically received by their clients.

Glazed façades, realized with the use of ALU-components Budmar, gained high recognition of engineers and general contractors Thanks to the applied aluminium joinery they are characterized by exceptional durability. Their maintenance does not require many operations, and the construction makes them resistant to adverse effects of weather conditions.

Aluminium is a metal ideal for creating lightweight curtain walls of the hanging and infill type, as well as roofs, skylights and other spatial structures. A wide range of ALU-products gives great possibilities of realization in the field of aluminium and glass constructions.

A form that delights

Budmar aluminium joinery makes it possible to realize the most daring architectural ideas, which are appreciated among others by construction engineers. The flair, courage and imagination of the architect need not “compete” with the practical approach of the general contractor and the investor. On the contrary, it is worthwhile for them to complement it. At Budmar, we particularly value the synergic effect of cooperation and mutual support between the architect-investor and the contractor.

Window and door systems with different properties or depths, allow you to design modern construction solutions in many variations.

Aluminium façades guarantee spectacular visual effects in a variety of public buildings - including achieving the so-called horizontal or vertical line. A wide range of decorative masking strips will give the façade a modern and unique character.

An eye-catching colour

Bright and energetic... or natural colors? So and so!

Aluminium products provide the opportunity to match the colour of the woodwork to the appropriate style of the building. Those who prefer intense shades can opt for a colour from the rich RAL palette, while traditionalists can choose from a wide range of wood-like tones. Thanks to the resistance of ALU-solutions to corrosion and adverse weather conditions, both the one and the other gain a guarantee that the colour will remain unchanged.

Properly selected aluminium joinery is the aesthetic complement of each project, and at the same time the additional “cut” for the body and façade of the building.

Trial by fire

The ethereal lightness of aluminium structures does not preclude their fire resistance.

In the event of a fire, fire aluminium systems will not catch fire, smoke or spread flame. Dedicated fire door, wall and façade solutions have been developed for rooms where there is a risk of fire ignition. Budmar’s aluminium joinery also guarantees safe conditions for evacuation of people in case of fire.

Home. Safety is fundamental

Home is safety. Safety is a stable structure. Stable structure is aluminium joinery systems.

Durability and structural weight transfer are quite widely known advantages of aluminium joinery.

Home. Our imagination is not confined within four walls

The dynamic development of the construction industry, technical progress, striving to improve the properties of aluminium and creating innovative solutions using this metal, made aluminium windows and doors an integral part of modern single-family housing.

Unique homes are being built that not so long ago could only be dreamed of. Polish architectural thought is becoming bolder. The native landscape has changed noticeably - it is adorned with modern barn-like housing structures, passive or modular homes. Many families have become visionaries and designers, determined to realize their own idea of the perfect home - fully customized and off the charts.

The flair, courage and lack of inhibition of the authors of the idea are often a challenge for the contractor. At Budmar we are happy to take them on. We assume that cooperation with construction enthusiasts and delving into completely new areas of architecture is a unique opportunity for development. Many years of experience, engineering knowledge of our employees and modern production solutions in the field of aluminium joinery come to our aid.

Your window that brings you the world, your door that leads you

Windows and doors should guarantee high functionality and delight with their esthetics. Aluminium joinery answers both of these needs. It provides a sense of security, comfort, peace and warmth, and at the same time - thanks to the rich colour palette - it stimulates creativity.

In harmony with nature

Large window systems not only mean more light, but also more surface area exposed to weather and mechanical factors. Nature has its own laws, the weather can surprise, the climate is subject to dynamic changes. Significant temperature fluctuations, sudden rainfall or snowfall accompanied by strong winds can negatively affect window systems.

Products made of aluminium, offered by Budmar, provide high resistance to harmful weather conditions without the need for frequent maintenance. ALU-constructions are also comfortable in service, and their energy-saving parameters are at the same (high) level for many years.

Welcome to the glasshouse

The famous vision from “The Spring to Come” [Przedwiośnie] came true and glass houses became a fact.

Architects and homebuyers especially appreciate the large glass surfaces that let in much more sunlight. Light means joy, energy, and positive well-being - but it also means real savings. The glazed wall provides more light even on a cloudy day, making it unnecessary to turn on additional lamps.

On the other hand, the large glazing on the garden side provides beautiful views while working at home. They allow you to contemplate the beauty of nature and watch the children playing outside without having to go out on the terrace.

At Budmar we believe that the beauty of utilitarian objects lies also in their high functionality. The glass pane must be firmly seated and given a durable frame - while being as lightweight and user-friendly as possible.

The less visible the joint between the sheet and the structure, the better. The use of a low threshold flush with the floor in Lift&Slide doors allows for complete integration of the house interior with the terrace or balcony.