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What to Consider When Designing a House in the Context of Windows and Doors

Building a house involves significant financial, time, and energy investments. There are numerous decisions to be made in areas where we might not necessarily possess knowledge and experience. The weight of expectations and the vision of the outcome are immense. It’s worth listening to those who have faced this challenge and can provide solutions that […]


Use of aluminium

Can light be stable and strong look intricate? Constructions using AL prove that indeed they can! A silver discovery… …at the price of gold. Although AL (Aluminium) is the third most common element on Earth, it was first isolated in 1825. For a time, aluminium was more expensive than pure gold. Today, AL alloy is […]


Obtained National Certificate of Constancy of Performance of Construction Products issued by the Ship Technology Center in Gdańsk.

In the media, more and more are heard about fire risks, both in private homes and apartments, as well as in commercial facilities.

Aluminum windows in your home? Definitely YES!

Is it worth investing in aluminum windows?

As you already guessed – we say to aluminum windows a decided yes – and not just because we produce such windows.


Winter garden, or a way to relax every day, even when the weather is cold.

Nowadays, in the age of digital development and a constant pursuit of a career, money or other purposes, stress is an inseparable part of life or indeed the everyday reality of many people.