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The fixed frame fly screen system is a perfect protection against insects. The frame of the fly screen can be combined with aluminum inside corners, clamped or twisted. You can also choose between plastic outer corners, available in a wide range of colours. The system is compatible with most window profiles. We also offer an inside corner with adjustable angle. The mounting clips are available in five sizes.

Profile frame is made of sturdy extruded aluminium profile of a modern shape, covered with powder paint. Profile comes in two versions: with “flipper”, adhering to the window frame and without “flipper”, with a pocket for a brush seal and used with completely built-up window frames.

The offer includes a wide range of insect screen meshes, including anti-allergic mesh, which thanks to the special weaving structure keeps pollen outside, steel mesh, which is the ideal protection against rodents, durable aluminium mesh and mesh that ensures greater transparency in comparison to those used in the standard.

Below you will find a brief description of the offered solutions: 

1. PVC coated fibreglass net, designed for use in insect protection. It is characterized by high durability and resistance to UV rays and weather conditions. The net has good air permeability and translucency of 47%. 

2. The net is made of fibreglass with an extremely thin fiber structure compared to a standard net, with the net size smaller, in comparison to the standard net. The net does not lose its strength, and at the same time stands out with its high transparency of 71%. It is therefore much less visible to the naked eye compared to a standard net and it is characterized by good air permeability. 

3. Anti-allergic net made of polyester with the aim of maximum prevention of pollen entering the room. This net is resistant to weather conditions and easy to maintain. It is characterized by translucency of 45% and does not contain toxic substances. 

4. Aluminium net is an excellent protection against insects and small rodents. This net can be used both in doors and windows as well as protection of smaller windows and basement manholes. It is the net that is easy to maintain and does not contain PVC. Due to its light finish and thin fibres, it is almost invisible to the eye with a translucency of 73%. 

5. The net is made of stainless steel AISI304 that guarantees the best protection not only against insects, e.g. wasps but also against rodents or birds. This is the right protection for the places where food is stored or processed. The net is very durable and easy to maintain. What is more, it is characterized by very high translucency (74.9%).