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MB-59 Slide Galandage is based on the MB-59 Slide system solutions and has been designed for producing thermally insulated sliding doors that slide straight into the wall (once open, the door leaf is hidden in the wall). 

Installed that way, the door fully connects indoor and outdoor living spaces. MB-59 Slide Galandage’s system profiles come in two options that offer different thermal insulation performances: ST and HI. The range of available profiles include 2- and 3-rail frames. Many glazing options allow for double and triple glazing units, including safety and sound insulation glass.


  • door leaf hidden in the wall gives full access to the open space of the terrace or garden,
  • large size of door leaves: up to 2.6 m high, up to 1.8 m wide and up to 160 kg in weight
  • slender and robust 3-chambered profiles with a thermally broken central chamber,
  • 2-or 3-rail frames to produce doors with wide clear passage size
  • large glazing options (up to 42 mm) to bring flexibility in choosing the appropriate glass
  • can use most of the sliding hardware available on the market


  • Air tightness: class 3, EN 12207:2001
  • Water resistance: class 5A, EN 12208:2001
  • Wind load resistance: class C3, EN 12210:2001
  • Thermal insulation: Uf from 1,9 W/(m2K)