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Aluminum joinery is "in our DNA."

Karol Marcinkowski – owner and founder of the company

Budmar has been dealing with it for almost two decades. Since 2009, in a small rented garage (just a few dozen meters long), he has been accumulating machines and equipment for aluminium joinery production, and already at this stage he has realised a few interesting investments, such as the Mazur Fair Hall in Szczytno or the Dekada Shopping Centre building in Malbork. In order to improve his qualifications, he was trained by system suppliers - Alipast and Aluprof, with whom he has been cooperating until today.


Our products are characterized by the best quality. Starting with the material of aluminium and its properties, through the use of the entire color palette, durable varnish coating and its resistance to changing weather conditions.


We are experts when it comes to selecting a system that provides optimal security and functionality. We rely on proven system providers who guarantee the highest quality solutions.

The production process, knowledge and experience of our employees ensure an individual approach to each order, as well as quality and precision.

Budmar means products, namely:

  • highest quality materials and final products;
  • expert knowledge;
  • best standards in consulting, production processes, quality control, service support and after-sales care;
  • innovative technical thought and advanced technology;
  • safety.


Since 2018 Budmar has been competing in tenders on the German market and has successfully completed construction sites such as the Passau Incubator, barracks in Weiden, a school in Berlin, a sports center in Göttingen, Iserlohn and many others.

According to the adopted development strategy, the company has joined the Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020 and has been implementing internationalization projects to new foreign markets since 2019. So far, the directions are focused on the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA.