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  • a thermally insulated aluminium system used to design panelled doors; with modern technical solutions applied, the panelled doors can serve not only as a functional and durable house entrance, but also a showpiece and decoration
  • the system is characterised by a range of infill panels available in various patterns and colours; an elegant look of the structure, available dimensions, the option of installation within a larger front frame provide a lot of freedom while arranging the building entrance.
  • the load-bearing structure of the panelled door system is ensured by the STAR system, and therefore the doors provide excellent thermal performance; this actually translates into the comfort inside the building and the costs of building operation
  • a wide range of colours available – RAL palette, structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect, anoda, bi-colour.
  • Technical description of the system:
    - one plane of the frame and the panel bonded onto the leaf (panel bonded from the external side or double-sided).
    - two possible types of hinges: roller hinge - dedicated to the Star system, concealed hinge (Dr.Hahn)
    - standard 3-point locks or self-locking devices – to be selected by the customer
    - handles, pull elements on the internal side to be selected from the standard offer of Aliplast.