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Aluprof fire protection systems allow to make different building elements responsible for organisation so called fire zones in buildings and ensure suitable conditions for evacuating people.

Mullion-transom curtain walls MB-SR50N EI and MB-SR50N EI EFEKT are designed for fabrication of lightweight, hung & in-filled fire-resistant curtain walls classified fireresistant EI 30-EI 60. They allow to create both flat and frangible walls with connections between modules up to ± 7,5° aside and tilted curtain walls inclined ± 10°. These curtain walls can use MB-78EI-based fire doors. MBSR50N EI and MB-SR50N EI EFEKT systems can be used as a basis for fire-resistant glazed roofs of an inclination angle of 0° to 80° classified fire-resistant REI 30 / RE 45.


  • the same appearance for fire and non-fire rated elements of curtain wall facade
  • various design and aesthetics options for capping
  • system flexibility allows facetted joints up to ±7,5° per side, and inclined facades up to ±10° as well as slope & roof glazing between 0° and 80°
  • full compatibility with MB-78EI system allows fire rated door to be fitted into a curtain wall