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Roller blind system SRT FLAT is a modern solution, which can be installed in every interior and fulfils expectations of the most demanding users. A slim, streamlined shutter box made of extruded aluminium ensures the elegant design of the system. Its thoughtful design allows for a wider opening of windows with the shutter installed on the wing. Owing to the designed fin, the shutter box can be fixed using a special double-sided tape, or directly mounted to the window frame using screws. FLAT system is equipped with flat aluminium guide channels, which are glued directly to the glazing beads. Their shape fits perfectly to the window woodwork, making the construction of roller blind almost invisible. The roller blind is provided with the self-locking mechanism with chain, which allows to stop the shutter at any height. Its installation or possible replacement is very fast and simple. The system is also adapted to use “day&night” fabrics (SRT FLAT D&N), which like the façade blinds allow for easy adjustment of light access.