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ALUPROF’s aluminium systems include a wide range of solutions to improve the safety of buildings thanks to the increased resistance to burglary. Some of these products provide the highest level of safety available in the market. Burglar-resistant window & door constructions are based on standard system solutions: MB-60, MB-70, MB-86 and MB-104 Passive that include resistance-enhancing elements: anti-burglary glass, special burglar-proof elements, and hardware intended for such applications. These solutions are classified burglary-resistant (classes RC1 to RC3). Specialized solutions classified RC3i and RC4 are also available. Burglar-resistant constructions can also be fabricated using the system for lift & slide patio door MB-77HS, MB-SR50N and MBTT50 systems-based mullion/transom walls. These products are complemented by ALUPROF’s burglar-resistant systems for roller shutters. These solutions help to provide an increased level of protection wherever it is required: in single-family houses, offices, shops or special-purpose facilities.

Burglar-resistant construction characteristics

Although the term “burglar-resistant windows/doors” is commonly used, no construction is completely resistant to a forced entry. However, depending on their structure and the type of used components, it is possible to determine whether they meet the requirements of the European standards and to determine the scale of burglar-resistance of a window or door in accordance with the relevant classification. Such constructions are classified to EN 1627 “Pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters. Burglar resistance. Requirements and classification”. This includes six classes of burglar-resistance: from RC1 to RC6. They determine the extent to which a construction can resist attempts to a force entry using different sets of tools and various forces.

In terms of burglar-resistant constructions, the following solutions are available:

  • fixed and operable windows and window sets in classes RC1 to RC3
  • special-purpose windows in classes RC3i and RC4
  • single-and double entrance doors and entrance lobbies with doors in classes RC1 to RC3
  • lift & slide patio doors in class RC2
  • mullion/transom curtain walls in classes RC1 to RC3
  • roller shutters in class RC3 and RC2

Basic profile systems intended for fabrication of burglar-resistant window & door constructions enable us to choose the solutions that comply with the requirements for thermal protection of buildings. To this purpose, different systems can be used. They all vary in degree of thermal insulation performance of their profiles: from the basic system MB-60/MB-60HI, through the most popular MB-70/MB-70HI to the more performant systems:

  • MB-86, available in three versions: MB-86 ST, MB-86 SI, MB-86 Aero
  • MB-104 Passive available in two versions with profiles of a different insulation: MB-104 Passive SI and MB-104 Passive Aero. Burglar-resistant constructions can also be fabricated using MB-SLIMLINE system with distinctive, narrow aluminium profiles.

The appearance of windows and window sets is not limited to the standard constructions – window solutions with invisible sash are also available. They are based on the following systems: MB-60US, MB-70US or MB-86US. Such windows are characterized by a uniform appearance from the outside of the fixed and o

The opening type of burglar-resistant constructions is not limited to classic side-hung or tilt and turn solutions. Those who prefer large sliding glass products and wish to maintain an adequate level of protection can choose the system for lift & slide patio door MB-77HS, with a confirmed, increased resistance to burglary

The hardware used in burglar-resistant constructions have a robust structure and special burglar-proof elements. A handle with a key is a necessary equipment for each window. Exterior door can use multi-point locks and special anti-pry mandrels. Reinforced, double door locking mechanisms play here an important role.

The glazing of burglar-resistant constructions usually consists of glazing units with special, often multiple-walled glass, made using tempered glass panes and special films. Depending on the classification of a window/door/curtain wall, the glass is chosen according to PN-EN 356: in classes RC1, RC2 the glass is not lower than P4A, in class RC3 the glass is not lower than P5A and in class RC4, the glass is not lower than P6B. For fixing of glass in window & door constructions, the “closed-shape” glazing beads are exclusively used (Prestige, rounded) or Standard (rectangular). Additional protection, depending on the classification of the product (from class RC2) is the combination of glass with the construction, this using a sealing and bonding compound.

The installation of burglar-resistant constructions is yet another aspect in which they differ from standard products: each burglar-resistant window or door should be fitted in the building using screw anchors and suitably hard, spacing elements.