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Mobile console industrial door can be installed both in existing buildings and in newly constructed ones. The gate is operated by the switch located inside the building. Depending on your needs, you can use radio control or other selected combinations of controls that enhance the ease of use of the product.

In accordance with the applicable standards, industrial gate comes equipped with the following types of protection devices:

  • emergency brake which protects from self-opening of the gate curtain;
  • closing edge safety device to protect against crushing by the industrial door curtain that opens;
  • photocell system that responds to movements by the door. This allows to make the curtain stop or turn back;
  • emergency manual operation allowing, in the event of power failure, to open or close the door with a hand-crank or a chain.

Large selection of colours with the standard chart can meet the needs of the most demanding Customers. Colour coatings are made using powder coating.